Ideas in Color

Here’s a little dip into the creative process for all of you out there who don’t identify as creatives.

First and foremost, know that there is a mysterious part of you that has amazing ideas. Sandcastles and tree fort ideas. A place where your mind is wild, where it does not jump when it’s told to jump. Let’s take a moment to let that wild mind roam.

Trick yourself into believing you can. I find that creative writing when I’m half-awake is an amazing time to catch my critical self unawares. Why do you think those painters, musicians, and writers you love were terrible drunks? They were distracting the I’m-bad-at-this voice with vice. They lowered their inhibitions. That has it’s risks in real life, naturally. But being able to tune out the critic when your creative side is slicing through the noise is imperative to getting that idea to see the light of day.

Stop giving a sh*t about anyone else’s opinions. Until you’re ready to sink money into an idea, let it dance around. Don’t worry about the outside world. This is your world, kid. You get to have ideas and to create as wildly and as often as you want to

Practice! The more you practice– aka. give yourself permission to be creative– the better your ideas and your creative output will be. You’ll see– the more often you let your wild, untamed, creative self out of the box, the juicier and more fun the ideas.

Hold a hand. There are lots of people out here who are willing to help your ideas become reality. Contact me today to schedule some time to create your next big idea. I’ve got you, and I’m holding onto your ticket to ride.