Thoughtful Healthcare

Thoughtful Care and its affiliates, Thoughtful Health Care and Kansas City Home Care, are leaders in home healthcare in Kansas City. As a part of the Phosphor Studio team, I worked with CEO and President Tim Tholen to craft brand messaging and content. This included developing scripts for a video and podcast series which increased traffic to the sites and generated quality leads.

Working further with the Phosphor Studio team and Tim Tholen, we created themes, from which I generated weekly blog posts for the businesses using key phrases relevant to Google searches. We succeeded in creating a Facebook campaign that drives steady business, generates social media engagement, and expands brand awareness.

I’ve always loved working on dynamic projects with a team, and this was no exception. We had a lot of fun in the process, and did top quality work. To do voice-overs, work with a studio production team, to write script on the fly– all pushed my creative boundaries further. Plus, I find the message of keeping seniors as healthy and independent as long as possible to be very encouraging.  

Please click the links below to see content from 2018-2020 that continues to drive website traffic today.

Script from interviews, content work with team, co-produced videos here

Samples of blog posts can be found here.

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