Why We LOVE Small Businesses

The American dream looks like this.

Two women– whose backgrounds intersect enough to begin a conversation– share a dream. They both have expertise in a field: one is an RN and yogi with extensive knowledge of the body, and the other is a licensed therapist whose specialty is the mind and spirit. They realize that their idea of movement therapy goes beyond what is found in the community. So they develop a completely new methodology of movement “work-out” that brings consciousness, exuberance, aliveness, and healing into their classes.

I had a fantastic time working with Wendy Zoog and Julia Harkleroad, founders of KALOS Experience. They came to Joly Herman Creative bubbling with ideas, and I was able to be a pragmatic sounding board, consulting about marketing plans, business plans, and their ultimate goals. They left deeply engaged in conversation about how to apply these tools to grow their business. And they are growing. Check out how their community is thriving now, and how you can get involved in a movement.

In my mind, it’s the risk takers, visionaries, and innovators that make the U.S.A. the best place to be an entrepreneur. Contact me today to put your dream into motion.