Caffetteria Restaurant

A friend. A friend who is an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has a vision for a new concept. She needs help putting her vision into words. She contracts Joly Herman Creative to craft the idea so that it can come to light. Our process begins with conversations about why she’s creating the concept. We begin to see themes. We get closer to the essence of it by delving into a family history populated with restaurateurs. We travel to a larger market to do on-site research. We gather inspiration.

Then we put the concept into words– find the history of the name, work with branding specialists to develop the logo and design. I am tasked with researching everything from trademarked menu items to holding company names. We consult about vendors and organizational aspects of the business.

Joly Herman Creative is honored to have been a part of the inception of this new concept from The Mixx founder Jo Marie Scaglia’s brilliant mind. Her generosity, warmth and love will surely shine through as the brand develops.

Caffetteria Modern Cafe and Market