The MIXX Restaurants

Creative Direction

Needing signage to communicate news to patrons, The Mixx restaurants contracted Joly Herman Creative to create verbiage for tent cards which they intended to use in-house. An assignment like this makes it easier to explain what I do for a living to my young daughter, who loves eating at The Mixx. “See these tent cards on the table honey? Mommy wrote them.” She smiled, but really, her focus was on procuring one of their incredible cookies (you. must. try. those cookies.). I am proud to have been able to craft practically applied copy for them. As a result, according to management, traffic has been up.

Project Execution

Another project for The Mixx that I’ve been called upon to execute was to create job postings for their Indeed profile. This assignment included giving a description of the business, its location, the responsibilities and expectations of prospective employees. In order to complete this project with the level of integrity which I would expect from a contractor myself, I did a decent amount of research beforehand– both in the field and specific to the brand. My goal was to create a profile which can be used to attract high quality employees for years to come.