Pinch me! The restaurant that was a glimmer in Jo Marie Scaglia’s eyes last year is now a reality.

How is this relevant to Joly Herman Creative? Shortly after arriving in Kansas City, MO, I reconnected with Jo Marie after having last seeing her when we were both haunting San Francisco’s bars in the late 90’s. We fell into an immediate conversation about the connection between insomnia and owning a business. I’ve mentioned it in other sections of this website,

but the process of pulling the narrative from Jo Marie’s family history and making it relevant to this new concept was an absolute joy and an honor.

Relevance! What a fantastic word. It’s the why behind the brand, and the product in motion. Jo Marie’s story goes back to generations of restaurant owners in her family. It was the Sunday dinners that her mom made. It’s the meat on the bones of this new concept. And we worked to craft the message so that it would be relevant to the audience who are sure to flock to this gorgeous– I mean gorgeous— new space in Prairie Village.

What’s relevant about your business that’s worth talking about? What narrative makes the product that much more appealing to your audience? Shoot me a message and let’s find the story.