KALOS Experience

I was introduced to Wendy Zoog and Julia Harkelroad, founders of KALOS Experience, by Jo Marie Scaglia, who has made fast casual dining into an art form with her blockbuster restaurant brands, The Mixx, and Caffetteria. Knowing that I had worked with Jo Marie when she was developing Caffetteria, they came to our initial meeting with a lot of ideas, some important questions, and tons of energy.

As a small business owner myself, and as someone who turned a vision into a successful turnkey business in a very competitive market, I was ready to ask hard questions. We talked about their mission statement, their elevator pitch, and the essence of their brand. We discussed legal realities of partnership, and the benefits of renting or owning a space. We talked about their short term, mid-term, and long-term goals. And we talked about writing business and marketing plans.

I have a memory of the hugs and giant smiles that they brought to the meetings at my studio. I can see them furiously writing notes and designing the arc of their messaging. After our meetings, they stood for long minutes in the street delegating and planning their next moves. In short, I witnessed the passion of two motivated and powerful entrepreneurs, and I feel very graced by the opportunity to have been a part of their journey.

Today KALOS Experience is thriving in its own space in Midtown, Kansas City, and their workshops are consistently sold out. I am absolutely confident that their vision is transforming many lives. To get a feel for what they are up to, check out this incredible video.